Event Live Streaming & Webcasting

Live HD Video Streaming On All Devices

StreamByte has built a next generation webcasting platform from the ground up, with an emphasis on quality, reliability and performance. We understand the complexities of live broadcasting and have developed a custom solution to deal with the many unique challenges of web streaming.

Your video content is encoded and distributed to viewers all over the world through our global content delivery network (CDN). If you do not have your own video crew, our production team is available to deliver professional, multi-camera HD video capture, video switching and live graphics. In instances where bandwidth is not available onsite, we have access to high-speed satellite and cellular uplink solutions. With have built a multiplicity of backups and redundancies into our workflow, ensuring your live broadcast will be a success.

  • Up to 4k 60 fps live streaming

  • Projects of all sizes – from 1 to 8 or more HD cameras!

  • Secure HTTPS delivery of streaming content via Akamai CDN.

  • Scalability for any number of viewers

  • Multi-bitrate streaming ensures reliable playback on all devices

  • Live-chat, pay-per-view and monetization, password protection, geoblocking

  • Custom video portal or embed the video player on your website

  • Live-stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and social media platforms

  • Detailed viewership report and analytics provided after your event

  • LiveU internet uplink available

Live Video Streaming