Pay-Per-View & Monetization

Generate Revenue From Your Event

StreamByte offers a complete paywall and pay-per-view solution to help you secure and monetize your live video content. Our custom web interface allows for easy online payments and is compatible with all major credit cards. Upon receipt, viewers are immediately provided an access code for entry to the scheduled live event.

If you have chosen to sell sponsor advertisements, we will queue up and display the ads at pre-determined intervals throughout the event.

  • Generate revenue by selling online access to your events
  • Revenue sharing can greatly reduce your out-of-pocket costs for hosting a live stream
  • Advertisement module provides seamless playback of sponsor content


The StreamByte Difference

StreamByte’s revenue sharing model is the perfect solution for companies or organizations that wish to reduce some or all of their up-front streaming costs. We will provide discounted broadcast services in return for a percent of all pay-per-view ticket sales.