Multi-Camera Live Video Production

Professional Video & Audio Acquisition

StreamByte has all the tools needed to capture professional, multi-camera live event video. Multi-camera packages can include anywhere from 1 to 6 HD cameras, plus graphics, slideshows, lower thirds and other features to give your event video the professional touch. We offer a full range of wireless and wired microphone packs or can work with your existing A/V team to route an existing house audio feed into our switcher.

    • Add 5 or More Professional HD Video Cameras

    • PowerPoint & Computer Inputs

    • Lavalier and Handheld Microphones

    • Live Video Switching & Audio Mixing

    • Signal Processing, Scaling & Cross Conversion

    • Graphics & Lower Thirds

    • Live Editing & Video Capture

    • Professional Sound & Lighting

    • HD Projector System

Video Switcher Multiview
Live Video Production Workflow

The StreamByte Difference

Because we have so much of our own gear in-house, StreamByte can usually provide a more competitive quote than other video production companies. Additionally, since we can edit events in real-time, our overall post-production costs are less and our project turn-around time is usually only a matter of a few days.