Livestream & Video Production Pricing

What is the cost to stream a live event? There are several factors to consider when budgeting for a live internet broadcast. Your on-site video production crew will most likely comprise the largest part of your quote, but stream hosting fees, internet access and custom graphics / web-design are also important to consider. At StreamByte, we can build you a custom webcast package that includes only the features you need – ensuring optimal ROI from your broadcast dollar.

Outlined below, we cover the most essential components that are considered when generating a price quote for your live-stream or video production project. For a detailed estimate, please contact us or give our sales department a call at 267-382-0285.

The video production expense includes all the personnel and equipment needed to produce a professional video recording of your event. Cameras, sound, lighting and projection / IMAG will all fall under this category. If your event is not being streamed LIVE, then these will be the primary costs for you to consider. Video production elements include:

    • Event Duration – Over how many days will they event take place? How many hours of video production is needed per day? Is a “test day” required?
    • Camera / Crew Expense – How many HD video cameras are needed, to provide the level of coverage you have in mind? 1, 3, 5+? Do all cameras need to be manned by a camera operator, or could some be static, unmanned angles? 1 manned camera is always included in our production packages. Generally, sports or fast-paced events are better covered by manned cameras – but this does add to the total crew cost.
    • IMAG / Video Projection – Do you require in-room projection for displaying a PowerPoint slideshow or video file? How about IMAG (image magnification) to show a close-up of the speaker?
    • Sound – Is there a house sound system that we can patch into? Or, do you need us to provide sound recording? How about sound projection? Will you need us to provide speakers?
    • Lighting – Is additional stage or interview lighting required?
    • Venue – Is the venue indoors or outdoors? What are the dimensions of the event space? Is mains power available for our use throughout the premises?
    • Travel Expense – Where is the event located? If necessary, we will calculate any additional travel expenses.
    • Editing Expense – After the broadcast is finished, do you need us to segment the full recorded video into short clips? Will you need us to produce a “highlights” video of the event?

Live-streaming can be added to any StreamByte video production package, or can be purchased on its own if you already have your own video crew. A typical streaming quote will include at least one crew member (Technical Director) onsite with a video mixer and encoding equipment. Factors that contribute to the total webcast cost include:

    • Broadcast Duration – How many days / hours of webcasting are needed?
    • Broadcast Complexity – Will you need a single-camera or multi-camera feed? Do you wish to incorporate other visual elements such as PowerPoint, Picture-in-Picture, lower-thirds, scoreboard, graphics, etc.?
    • Size of Online Audience – How many online viewers do you expect to view the webcast?
    • Livestream Hosting – Will you be using StreamByte’s in-house CDN for hosting your live-stream? Or, will you be providing your own video host, such as Ustream, Livestream, Youtube, etc.?
    • Broadcast Page Layout – A basic event website is included with every streaming package. If you need a specific look, or require the incorporation of a particular web module or feature, we can design a custom website for an additional fee.
    • Internet Access – Is high-speed internet access available at the event venue? Generally, we ask for a minimum of around 10 Mbps uplink and downlink in order to stream in full HD quality. If internet is unavailable, we can provide our own connectivity, starting at $500 per day.
    • Pay-Per-View – The cost to monitize your live stream is calculated based on a percentage of each ticket sold. Our typical fee is 20% of PPV revenue + $0.50 per transaction, on top of any other streaming expenses. This covers card credit processing and other associated fees.
    • Travel Expense – Where is the event located? If necessary, we will calculate any additional travel expenses.