LIveU Rental – Philadelphia & NYC LiveU Rental for Your Event


HD LIVE Streaming from Any Location

Does your event need access to high-speed internet connectivity? StreamByte is a provider of LiveU technology, which enables HD streaming from just about any location over bonded 4g LTE cellular networks. LiveU aggregates six or more cellular modems to produce a single high-capacity internet pipe, resulting in a flexible and reliable solution for a fraction of the cost of a satellite or microwave van. LiveU is especially useful for facilitating broadcasts from outdoor environments, unconventional locations, moving vehicles or old buildings without internet connectivity.

A LiveU rental can be added to any standard broadcast package or, if you are a video professional, can be rented on a stand-alone basis. All LiveU rentals include a dedicated support technician as well as encoding to your choice of content delivery network (or purchase CDN hosting through us). If you are a TV Network, or have your own LiveU server, we can also route our LiveU to stream directly to your broadcast group in the LiveU back-end.

    • LiveU LU600 model with 4g LTE Modems
    • Stream LIVE HD Video from Just Any Location With Cellular Connectivity
    • Bond 4 or More Cell Modems Across All Major Carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile)
    • High-Gain Antenna for Added Quality and Resiliency
    • Rent With or Without a StreamByte Video Production Package
    • Encoding to Any CDN or Route to Your LiveU Server
    • Low End-to-End Latency Available ( <1.5 seconds) for News or Interview Applications

StreamByte LiveU Rental 1
StreamByte LiveU Rental 2

The StreamByte Difference

Don’t let a slow or unreliable internet connection be a deal-breaker for live-streaming your event. Trust StreamByte’s LiveU rental solution to meet all of your broadcast connectivity needs at an affordable price.