Town Hall Live-Streaming

Connect with employees worldwide

A town hall livestream is the perfect tool for delivering LIVE content such as corporate updates, training and quarterly financial results across your global work-force.

Our process for producing a town hall event starts with understanding the specific needs of your organization. We will examine the technical requirements of the broadcast, including video, sound, light, projection, slideshows, graphics, titles and more. Next, our in-house web-design team will work with you to build a secure web portal for the event, with login and password requirements configured per your specifications. All web-designs are tailored to your needs – add the features you need, remove those you don’t. Our goal is to build a branded experience that is both functional and simple to operate for your online viewers.

Typical town halls will be 1-2 hours in duration and filmed with 2 or 3 cameras. Each person who is speaking will be provided a lavalier microphone, to ensure optimal audio recording quality. If needed, we can also provide a portable PA system, so your in-house audience is able to hear the presentation just as well as those watching online. Throughout the event, we will incorporate a number production elements to enhance the look of the broadcast, including picture-in-picture, live graphics / titles, Q&A and whatever else you might need to communicate effectively with your team.

The number of simultaneous online viewers is entirely scaleable based on your needs. Typical viewer counts are in the 300-500 range, but that can be easily scaled to thousands or tens of thousands as needed. All hosting is conducted through our content-delivery partner, Akamai, one of the largest, most reliable and most secure CDN’s in the world.

After the event, an archive of the broadcast will be posted to your branded and secure video portal, for re-watching the event “on-demand.” This is a great way to share the presentation with those who were not able to watch LIVE or in-person. A high-quality HD download of the footage can also be provided. Should you use our services for multiple town hall broadcasts, we will additionally create a secondary web page to store and catalog all of your live events.

For tracking and analytics, use our back-end portal to see who logged-in and at what time. This tool can be customized to show specific fields, including name, email, city / branch, IP address, login time and more, or can be turned off entirely to disable this feature.

As always, the StreamByte crew is happy to travel anywhere the job takes us, domestic or international. Shoot us a message today and begin booking your town hall livestream.

  • 2+ HD Cameras switched in real-time
  • Secure and customizable website / landing page included
  • Support for any number of viewers with Akamai CDN hosting
  • Graphics, overlays, PowerPoint, picture-in-picture
  • Live Q&A integration to field questions from in-person and online
  • High-quality audio and lighting
  • Recording / archiving of the event footage
  • Analytics & viewership report